Bearing Adapter Sleeves

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Bearings that use tapered adapter sleeves usually can mount to commercial grade shafting without hindering the service life of the bearing. These bearings are provided with housings, and the housing seat diameters are properly sized before they leave the factory.



Adapter sleeves are the most commonly used components for locating bearings with a tapered bore onto a cylindrical seat as they can be used on plain shafts or stepped shafts . They are easy to install and require no additional location on the shaft. When used on plain shafts, the bearing can be located at any position on the shaft.Tapered adapter assemblies consist of a tapered adapter sleeve, a lock washer and a lock nut. As the adapter is tightened using a spanner wrench, the adapter is drawn through the bearing and tightened to the shaft. Because the contact of the bearing is evenly distributed around the shaft, it provides the most concentric/ideal fit.